1898, Morris, J. , What Will Japan Do? A Forecast 

J. Morris (1898) What Will Japan Do? A Forecast.

A forecast of war between Japan and Russia.

Full text at: https://archive.org/details/whatwilljapando00morrgoog

Conclusion to the story:

In the endeavour to provide an answer to the query — ” What will Japan do ? ” it has been hoped that some justification exists for the assumption that we are as a nation directly interested in her progress in naval and military power. We cannot ignore the fact that her alliance would be of the utmost value to any nation which has ambitions to realize in the Far East, and strong as we are ourselves on the seas, there will at all times be satisfaction in the thought that this rising empire beyond India is at one with us in the main principles of our policy, and equally as determined as ourselves to promote the freedom of commercial intercourse. There is sympathy between Japan and Britain, independently of formal treaties, which it is highly probable will increase rather than diminish as time passes, for it is founded upon mutual respect for national prowess and a like indisposition to submit to coercion in any form. If Japan does not become the avowed ally of this country, we at least should make sure that she does not join with any other in a league which may some day be detrimental to our prestige in Asia.