Other Works

These works are difficult to categorise under my standard groupings (invasion, espionage, speculative SF etc.) and hence are included under this catchall. They are included as they are relevant to the study of the social and cultural attitudes of the time.

1907, Bramah, E. , What Might Have Been

Ernest Bramah, What Might Have Been, 1907. Abridged and rereleased as The Secret of the League in 1909. The secret of the league is a dystopian novel written by Ernest Bramah in 1907. It was first published as “What might have been: the story of a social war”, but later was republished in 1909 as “The secret of the league”. The novel is widely credited as having influenced George Orwell for his 1984. In the 1906 General elections, the Labour party arises from nowhere (2 seats) to become a potent force in British politics (29 seats). The surprising result is ...
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