Hirst, Francis Wrigley, The Six Panics, and Other Essays

The Six Panics, and Other Essays, Facsimile microfilm ed., London: Methuen & Co., 1913, http://archive.org/details/sixpanicsotheres01hirs

Reprinted: Forgotten Books (February 16, 2018)

Excerpt from The Six Panics and Other Essays:

Has been not so much to prevent the recurrence of false alarms in the sensational press – for no reasonable man can hope to do that – as to prevent the abominable waste of public money in which a successful panic always ends. It is all-important that the governing classes and the leading statesmen, who are trustees for the nation and for the public funds, should feel ashamed of the hoax which has now been practised upon them’ so often. If this little book serves to supply them with a defensive armour against the arrows of future panic-mongers, I shall be very well satisfied. In some of the shorter essays l have touched upon other matters which have interested me in the last few years.