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This list includes academic articles and relevant newspaper / magazine articles on the subjects of Invasion and Future War Literature and on early Spy Fiction. Papers by I.F.Clarke: Clarke, I. F. (1965). “THE BATTLE OF DORKING, 1871-1914.” Victorian Studies 8(4): 309-327. The Battle of Dorking,” a short story by Sir George Tomkyns Chesney published in […]


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Attridge, John, “Two Types of Secret Agency: Conrad, Causation, and Popular Spy Fiction”, 55, 126-158: University of Texas Press, 2013. Castella, Tom de, “Arthur Conan Doyle’s Eerie Vision of the Future of War”, BBC Online Clarke, I. F., ‘The Battle of Dorking, 1871-1914’, Victorian Studies,  Vol. 8, No. 4 (1965): 309-327. Clarke, I. F., […]