Burnaby, F. (1876) A Ride to Khiva

Fred Burnaby (1876) A Ride to Khiva

It is 1875, the time of the ‘Great Game’, when the British and Russian Empires are vying for power in central Asia. A British officer rides for Khiva, a Russian city closed to European travellers. He is on a dangerous mission, to learn if Russia plans to invade India, the ‘jewel in the crown’ of the British Empire. It might be the plot of a Rudyard Kipling novel; instead it is the true story of Captain Frederick Burnaby (1842–85). Burnaby joined the British army in 1859, but in periods without active duty he crafted his own adventures. He ballooned across the English Channel, travelled in Spain and Russia, and was wounded, and eventually killed, fighting for Britain’s empire. This account of his perilous journey to Khiva, published in 1876 and immediately reprinted, brought him instant fame.  [Publisher’s description]

Full text at: https://archive.org/details/ridetokhivatrave00burn

See also Burnaby’s book regarding his follow-on adventures: On Horseback Through Asia Minor