August 2020 Site Refresh

As a result of updates to WordPress, its Themes and the various Plugins that I use on the site it was becoming unstable.

It also suffered from some confusing structural issues as a result of growing in scope and content.

I therefore decided, in August 2020, to reconstruct the site from scratch while preserving the existing content, although updated to reduce duplication of material.

Unfortunately, the restructuring means that URLs, recorded before August 2020, and that pointed directly to specific content are no longer valid. These would normally give a “404 Error” meaning that the referenced page/post no longer exists. To avoid this happening I have redirected what would otherwise give 404 Errors to the home page.

The material will still be on the site, but you may have to use the search facility to find it:

I apologise for any inconvenience, but without the restructuring the site may soon have become unmanageable.