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1920, Le Queux, W. , Secrets of the Foreign Office 


William Le Queux (1920) Secrets of the Foreign Office: Describing the Doings of Duckworth Drew of the Secret Service

Secrets of the Foreign Office was first published in 1903. The author, William Le Queux, (pronounced ‘Q’), was one of the first creators of the spy story. A journalist-turned-author, he successfully combined his passionate interest in national security and new technological developments, with his detailed knowledge of travel and high society in Europe, in these and other collections of short stories of intrigue and espionage. In this book Mr Drew receives instructions from the Marquis of Macclesfield, the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. Drew is a ‘diplomatic freelance’ – a secret agent working for British embassies around Europe. He moves in diplomatic and aristocratic circles with finesse and great discretion “. To this day she does not suspect the Englishman who made love to her so passionately.”  [Publishers description]