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1912, Aminoff, I.T. , Invasionen 


Iwan T. Aminoff (1912) Invasionen (Invasion) [Republished (1914) as Det eröfrade landet (The Conquered Land )

The most famous of his [Aminoff’s] Future War novels is Invasionen [“Invasion”] ….. Here the story is set in an already conquered Sweden, and although in the end the Swedes again prevail, Aminoff’s call to strengthen the army is more urgent than ever, and is combined with exhortations to cast off those modern banes of western culture which Aminoff disdained: individualism, liberalism, materialism and egoism. [SFE]

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Aminoff wrote a number of future war novels mainly involving Russia and Sweden but also including invasion of Norway and Finland:

  • När krigsguden talar. För hem och härd. Romantiserad skildring af vårt kommande krig  (When the War God Speaks. For Home and Hearth. Romantic Account of Our War to Come ) (1903)
  • Striden om Östersjön: framtidsroman  (The Battle of the Baltic: a Novel of the Future) (1907)
  • Kriget Norge-Ryssland. Följder af olycksåret 1905   (The War Between Norway and Russia. The Effects of the Disastrous Year of 1905 ) (1906-1907 2vols)
  • Söner af ett folk som blödt. Romantiserad skildring från Finlands frihetskamp i början af 20:e seklet  (Sons of a Blooded People. Romantic Account of Finland’s Struggle for Freedom in the Early 20th Century ) (1906)