1911, Rupert, G.G., The Yellow Peril

G.G. Rupert (1911) The Yellow Peril

Rupert was influential in the development of the idea of the Yellow Peril, the theory that East Asians (the “yellow races”) were a present and future threat to the west. These views were published in The Yellow Peril, or the Orient vs. the Occident as viewed by modern statesmen and ancient prophets (1911). Rupert included Russia among the “oriental” races, which, he believed, would eventually invade America. According to Rupert the reference to “the kings from the East” in the Book of Revelation 16:12, was a prediction of this event. He believed that Russia would take control of China and Africa; this combined force would then try to overwhelm the West. He claimed that China, India, Japan and Korea were already undermining England and the U.S., but that Jesus Christ would stop them. The final victory of the Occident over the Orient would confirm biblical prophesies — as interpreted by Rupert. In later editions, Rupert adapted his theory to accommodate world events. In the third edition, published after the Russian Revolution, Rupert identified the rise of Bolshevism and the expansion of communism as the beginning of a process that would lead to the fulfilment of his predictions. [Wikipedia]

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