1911, Pollock, A. , Lord Roastem’s Campaign in North Eastern France 

Lieut Colonel Alsager Pollock (1911) Lord Roastem’s Campaign in North Eastern France With Sketch Map

The Germans are supposed to have invaded North-Eastern France, where they are opposed by the Anglo- French allied armies. The operations of the British force under Lord Roastem form the basis of Colonel Pollock’s discussion….. A MILITARY STUDY. In actual war the problems that arise in strategy and grand tactics invariably depend upon a number of highly complex factors. There are, indeed, few occupations more stimulating to the imagination and to the ingenuity of the student of war than the working out of such problems. Yet this branch of military science more often repels than attracts the comparatively uninitiated, since its apparent complexity is apt to obscure its fascinations. [Spectator review – 17 June 1911 http://archive.spectator.co.uk/article/17th-june-1911/24/a-military-stiidy-in-actual-war-the-problems-that-]

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Pollock’s views on neutrality:


Daily Express July 28th 1914