1909, Bernstorff, H. G. von , Deutschlands Flotte im Kampf 

Hans Graf von Bernstorff (1909) Deutschlands Flotte im Kampf: Eine Phantasie

A detailed, well- illustrated account of the modern German navy and a future war at sea. Bernstorff was a naval officer who was later a bestselling writer in his time (1905-1914), especially for magazines such as Das Neue Universum and Der Gute Kamarad. His pseudonyms include H. von Benno and Grafin Helena Gyldensteen. [I. F. Clarke, Voices Prophesying War: Future Wars 1763-3749 (1992), p. 233]

An unnamed overpowering enemy (meaning certainly England) forcing Germany to war. The novel describes the various naval battles of the German Navy up to the victorious final battle off Heligoland.