1905, Phillips Oppenheim, E. , A Maker of History 

E. Phillips Oppenheim (1905) A Maker of History

“Not as you and I understand it, perhaps,” Spencer explained. “There is no Scotland Yard extending a protecting arm over the place, and that sort of thing. But the place is haunted by spies, and there are intrigues carried on there in which the secret service police often take a hand. In return it is generally very hard to get to the bottom of any disappearance or even robbery there through the usual channels. To the casual visitor, and of course it attracts thousands from its reputation, it presents no more dangers perhaps than the ordinary night café of its sort. But I could think of a dozen men in Paris to-day, who, if they entered it, I honestly believe would never be seen again.”

Full text available at: https://archive.org/details/makerofhistoryby00oppe