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1902, Curtis, A.C. , A New Trafalgar. A tale of the torpedo fleet 


A.C. Curtis (1902) A New Trafalgar. A tale of the torpedo fleet – Smith, Elder & Co

The story is the celebration of the new warship, the destroyer, a British invention which first came into service in 1893 [I. F. Clarke (1997) The Great War with Germany, 1890-1914. P.429]

A. C. Curtis’s A New Trafalgar (1902) was one of the first novels to imagine a lightning German naval strike against Britain in the absence of the Channel Squadron; fortunately, the Royal Navy has a lethal new battleship in reserve which wins the day [Niall Ferguson (1998) The Pity of War].

We have not sufficient technical knowledge to say whether Mr. Curtis’s ” battle-forts ” and the “devil-ship exterminators” are possible craft or merely the figments of a too optimistic imagination. At any rate, they appear like ” gods out of the machine ” to save the day for England when everything looks hopeless. [Spectator review 17 May 1902 – ]