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1896, Anson, C.V. , The Great Anglo-American War of 1900 


Captain Charles Vernon Anson, R.N. (1896) The Great Anglo-American War of 1900

Needs research – Britain defeated by the USA.

From SFE:

C.V. Anson (1846-1905) UK writer, in the Royal Navy 1859-1896. His Future War tale, The Great Anglo-American War of 1900 (1896), warrants modest interest for the worldwide scope of the conflict and for the UK’s destruction of San Francisco, which inspires an inventive American response and the surrender of Canada. For verisimilitude, the tale should perhaps have been set several years further into the future. []


Royal Navy Captain, (1846-1905) Commander Coast Guard Station at Ramsgate. U.D.C. Councillor for Lower Teddington Ward. Lived at Yarrow Lodge, Teddington (1901-05)