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1871, Reactions to The Battle of Dorking


(1871) Reactions to The Battle of Dorking

In the months following the publication of Chesney’s The Battle of Dorking a veritable raft of articles and books appeared that variously explained:

  • What happened next
  • Why it couldn’t have happened as it did
  • What might have happened instead
  • Satires based on the work
  • The battle from a German point of view

They include the following (all 1871 unless noted otherwise and anonymous except where authors are listed):

A Punch verse on the Battle of Dorking
After the Battle of Dorking; or what became of the invaders?
The Battle of Dorking: a Myth
Britannia in Council
The cruise of the Anti-Torpedo [J. Payn]
The hens who tried to crow
Our hero: or, who wrote “The Battle of Dorking”
The official despatches and correspondence relative to the Battle of Dorking, as moved for in the House of Commons
The suggested invasion of England by the Germans
The Siege of London: Reminiscences of “Another Volunteer” [JWM]
The Coming Cromwell [J.W.M.]
What happened after the Battle of Dorking; or, the Victory of Tunbridge Wells
The other side of the Battle of Dorking [M. Moltruhn]
Mrs Brown on the Battle of Dorking [A. Sketchley (G. Rose)]
The Battle of Pluck (1875)
The Invasion of 1883 (1876) [J. Maclehose]