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1870, Richards, A.B. , The Invasion of England 


Alfred Bates Richards (1870) The Invasion of England – A Possible Tale of Future Times, privately published (August 1870) and reprinted in the Morning Advertiser, 15 February 1871

One answer to the new danger came from the editor of the Morning Advertiser, Alfred Bates Richards, who had played a leading part in the establishment of the Volunteers. In the August of 1870 he had a pamphlet printed for private circulation, The Invasion of England, in which he described a successful enemy attack as a warning against “our blind and entire reliance on the Channel and our navy.” [I.F. Clarke (1965) The Battle of Dorking, 1871-1914]

On Chesney’s Battle of Dorking, the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction comments: An earlier and inferior story, Alfred Bate Richards’s The Invasion of England (A Possible Tale of Future Times) (1870 chap, privately printed), had had little effect. [SFE]

Richards, Alfred Bate …. UK editor of the Morning Advertiser from 1870 until his death, playwright and author. For many years he was active as a propagandist for UK military preparedness, but The Invasion of England (A Possible Tale of Future Times) (1870), published privately, had little impact, partly because it lacked any effective narrative frame. It was in any case much less well-written than Lt.-Col. Sir George T Chesney’s The Battle of Dorking. [SFE]