Vance, L.J. (1906) The Private War

Louis Joseph Vance (1906) The Private War Being the Truth about Gordon Traill His Personal Statement. Appleton and Company

A story that references the Dogger Bank Incident.

Hull, Jan. 30th.—The Hull fishermen who recently figured conspicuously in the public eye as victims of the Russian Baltic squadron, were to-day thrown into a state of wild excitement by rumors of a naval engagement on the Dogger Bank in the North Sea. Captain Isaac Bun, of the steam trawler Bullfinch. and Captain J. M. Eaves, of the Enterprise, are responsible for the rumor, Which became public property upon the unexpected return of the trawlers to Hull this morning. They state that, at a late hour yesterday evening, the weather being muggy and foggy, the crews of both vessels, which were fishing near each other, became aware of heavy firing in northeasterly direction. Fearful of a repetition of the Baltic squadron outrage, the anchors hastily weighed, and the trawlers prepared for flight. In the meantime the fog lifted slightly, disclosing a battle ship of the first class at a distance of some five miles, with every gun in action. According to the statements of some witnesses, the battle ship flew the Japanese flag. The light was so murky that no other ship was Seen by the trawlers, and the fog immediately closed in again. The trawlers at once shaped for Hull, and state that the firing continued for an hour, terminating in tremendous explosion.  No further details are obtainable—London Daily Telegraph

There is a somewhat unflattering contemporary review in The New York Times: The Private War