Moorcock, M. – Books

Michael Moorcock is well known as a science fiction writer and editor but he also published two anthologies of Invasion Literature:

Moorcock, M. (1976). Before Armageddon : an anthology of Victorian and Edwardian imaginative fiction published before 1914. London, Star.before-armageddon-cover

Moorcock, M. (1980). England invaded : a collection of fantasy fiction. London, Star.england-invaded-cover

There is a useful introduction to Before Armageddon, which is effectively an introduction to both collections. Other than the introduction the stories are simply included without additional commentary. Published in the 1970s before the Internet provided easy access to the texts they served a useful purpose but, other than the introduction, add little today when the texts are so readily available online.

Texts included:

Before Armageddon:

  • “The Battle of Dorking” – George Tomkyns Chesney (Blackwood’s, May, 1871)
  • “Dr. Trifulgas” – Jules Verne (The Strand, July 1892; Le Figaro Illustre, December 1884)
  • “The Raid of Le Vengeur” – George Griffith (Pearson’s Magazine, February 1901)
  • “The Great War in England in 1897” – William Le Queux (Answers, 1893)
  • “Life in Our New Century” – W. J. Wintle (The Harmsworth Magazine, January 1901)
  • “The Three Drugs” – E. Nesbit (from Fear,1908)

England Invaded:

  • “The Uses of Advertisement – an Aeroplane Adventure” – Tristram Crutchley (Pearson’s Magazine, July 1909)
  • “When the New Zealander Comes” – Blyde Muddersnook (The Strand, September 1911)
  • “The Monster of Lake LaMetrie” – Wardon Allan Curtis (Pearson’s Magazine, September 1899)
  • “The Abduction of Alexandra Seine” -, Fred C. Smale (The Harmsworth Magazine, November 1900)
  • “Is the End of the World Near?” John Munro (Cassell’s, Jan. 1899)
  • When William Came, Saki  (1913)