Resources related to Invasion Literature

bibliographyThe website includes a comprehensive list of resources for researchers of Invasion Literature. This includes books, articles and websites.

There are more resources available than initially apparent. When I started researching this subject I started from The Riddle of the Sands and from the Wikipedia entry discovered the world of Invasion Literature.

Searching on this term had limited success but once I started following up links, and especially after discovering I.F. Clarke’s books, I was able to expand upon the resources. JSTOR searches for articles were initially unfruitful as there is no single accepted term for the genre. Searching by book names – especially ‘The Battle of Dorking’ – and individual authors – e.g. ‘Le Queux’ – yielded more results from which references could then be followed.

Details of the major book, articles, websites etc are discussed on the Study Resources page.

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