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1851AnonymousA history of the sudden and terrible invasion of England by the French ….Link
1870Richards, A.B. The Invasion of EnglandLink
1871AnonymousAfter The Battle of Dorking; or what became of the invaders?Link
1871AnonymousDer Ruhm or The Wreck of German UnityLink
1871AnonymousThe Battle of the IroncladsLink
1871AnonymousWhat Happened After The Battle of Dorking; or, the Victory of Tunbridge WellsLink
1871Chesney, G. T. The Battle of DorkingLink
1871Hayward, A. The Second Armada. A Chapter of Future History.Link
1871Hemyng , S. B. The Commune in LondonLink
1871J.W.M.The Siege of London: Reminiscences of “Another Volunteer”Link
1871McCauley, M. R. Chapters from Future History: The Battle of BerlinLink
1871Moltruhn, M.The Other Side of the Battle of DorkingLink
1871Payn, J. The Cruise of the Anti-TorpedoLink
1872OctogenarianThe British Federal EmpireLink
1874Macaulay, C.The Carving of TurkeyLink
1875AnonymousThe Battle of PluckLink
1876AnonymousThe Invasion of 1883Link
1876CassandraThe Channel Tunnel: or, England's RuinLink
1877AnonymousFifty Years Hence – An Old Soldiers Tale of England’s DownfallLink
1877Walker, W.H. The InvasionLink
1879Dekhnewallah, A.The Great Russian Invasion of IndiaLink
1879Eça de QueirósA CatastrofeLink
1881Lang-TungThe Decline and Fall of the British EmpireLink
1882AnonymousSubmarina: or Green Eyes and Blue GlassesLink
1882AnonymousThe Invasion of EnglandLink
1882Berney, T. The battle of the channel tunnel and Dover Castle and fortsLink
1882Demure One, The The Battle of Boulogne: Or How Calais Became English AgainLink
1882GripHow John Bull Lost LondonLink
1882Guthrie, T.A.The Seizure of the Channel TunnelLink
1882VindexEngland Crushed; The Secret of the Channel Tunnel RevealedLink
1883AnonymousThe Battle of the Moy: Or How Ireland Gained Her Independence in 1892-1894Link
1883AnonymousThe Story of the battle of Port SaidLink
1883Forth, C. The Surprise of the Channel TunnelLink
1883Robida, A. La Guerre au Vingtième SiècleLink
1884AnonymousHow Glasgow Ceased to Flourish: a tale of 1890Link
1885AnonymousThe Great War and Disastrous Peace of 1885Link
1885Barillet-LagargousseLa guerre finale, histoire fantastique Link
1885PosteritasThe Siege of LondonLink
1886AnonymousThe Great Irish Rebellion of 1886Link
1886Verne, J. Robur the ConquerorLink
1887AnonymousThe Battle off Worthing: why the Invaders never got to DorkingLink
1887Clowes, W.L. The Great Naval War of 1887Link
1888AnonymousThe Russia’s HopeLink
1888Arnold-Forster, H.O. In a Conning TowerLink
1888Barton, S. The battle of the Swash and the capture of CanadaLink
1888Lester, H. F. The Taking of DoverLink
1889AnonymousBombardment of Scarboro' by the Russian Fleet in 1891Link
1889AnonymousEngland’s Danger; or, Rifts Within the Lute. A Russian Plot Link
1889Cromie, R. For England’s SakeLink
1889Danrit, E. La Guerre en BallonLink
1889Stockton, F.R. The Great War SyndicateLink
1890Donnelly, H. G. The Stricken NationLink
1892Colomb, Admiral P. H. The War of 189-Link
1892Seaforth, A. N. The Last Great Naval WarLink
1893Clowes, W.L. The Captain of the “Mary Rose”Link
1893Fawcett, E. D. Hartmann The AnarchistLink
1893Gladstonian M.P.The Great BetrayalLink
1893Griffith, G. The Angel of the RevolutionLink
1894Eardley-Wilmot, S.M. Sir The Next Naval WarLink
1894Griffith, G. Olga Romanoff / The Syren of the SkiesLink
1894Le Queux, W. The Great War in England in 1897Link
1894Mayo, Earl of The War Cruise of the AriesLink
1895Eastwick, J. The New CenturionLink
1895Edwards, H.Britain in ArmsLink
1895Ellis, T.M. ZalmaLink
1895Griffith, G. The Outlaws of the AirLink
1895Jane, F.T. Blake of the “Rattlesake”Link
1895Lermina, J. La Bataille de StrasbourgLink
1895Loir, M. Naval Battles of the FutureLink
1896Anson, C.V. The Great Anglo-American War of 1900Link
1896Burton, F. G. The Naval Engineer And The Command Of The SeaLink
1896Cromie, R. The Next CrusadeLink
1896Tracy, L. The Final WarLink
1897AnonymousThe Back DoorLink
1897Gleig, C. When All Men StarveLink
1897Griifith, G.Briton or Boer?Link
1897Mackay, K. The yellow waveLink
1897Palmer, J.H. The Invasion of New YorkLink
1898Hampson, J.N. Great Britain vs. France and RussiaLink
1898Morris, J. What Will Japan Do? A ForecastLink
1898Phillips Oppenheim, E. The Mysterious Mr SabinLink
1898Shiel, M. P. The Yellow DangerLink
1898Waterloo, S. ArmageddonLink
1898Wilson, H.A. & White, A. When War breaks outLink
1899Hill, H. The Spies of the WightLink
1899Stevenson, P. L. How The Jubilee Fleet Escaped Destruction and the Battle of UshantLink
1900Allen, F.M. London’s PerilLink
1900Buchan, J. Half-HeartedLink
1900Eisenhart, K. Die Abrechnung mit EnglandLink
1900Kipling, R. KimLink
1900Maude, F.N. The New Battle of DorkingLink
1900OshikawaThe Submarine BattleshipLink
1901AnonymousThe Sack of London in the Great French War of 1901Link
1901Cairnes, W.E. The Coming WaterlooLink
1901Danrit, E. La guerre fataleLink
1901Demolder , E. L’Agonie d’AlbionLink
1901Griffith, G. The Raid of Le VengeurLink
1901Pemberton, M. Pro PatriaLink
1901Pemberton, M. The Giant’s GateLink
1901Tracy, L. The Invasion / The InvadersLink
1902Curtis, A.C. A New Trafalgar. A tale of the torpedo fleetLink
1903Childers, E. The Riddle of the SandsLink
1903Guggisberg, F.G. Modern warfare : or, How our soldiers fight Link
1903Hill, H. Seaward for The FoeLink
1903Wells, H.G. The Land IroncladsLink
1904Barnes, J. The Unpardonable WarLink
1904Clarke, A. Starved into SurrenderLink
1904Griffith, G. The Stolen SubmarineLink
1904Hall, G. R. The Black Fortnight; Or, the Invasion of 1915Link
1904Niemann, A. The Coming Conquest of EnglandLink
1904Verne, J. Master of the WorldLink
1905AnonymousSink, Burn, Destroy: Der Schlag gegen Deutschland Link
1905Mill, E.E. The Decline and Fall of the British EmpireLink
1905Mill, G.In the Hands of the CzarLink
1905Phillips Oppenheim, E. A Maker of HistoryLink
1905Stables, W.G. The Meteor Flag of England: The Story of a Coming ConflictLink
1905Wood, W. SubmarinedLink
1906BeowulfDer deutsch-englische KriegLink
1906Bleibtreu, K. Völker Europas … !: Der Krieg Der ZukunftLink
1906General Staff [pseud.]The Writing on the WallLink
1906Le Queux, W. If England Were Invaded / The Invasion of 1910 / The InvasionLink
1906Oldmeadow, E. The North Sea Bubble: A FantasiaLink
1906Seestern1906, Der Zusammenbruch der alten Welt Link
1906Tregellis, J. Britain InvadedLink
1906Vaux , P. The Shock of BattleLink
1906Wood, W. The Enemy in Our MidstLink
1907Bleibtreu, K. Die ‘Offensiv-lnvasion ‘ gegen EnglandLink
1907Cole, R. W. The Death TrapLink
1907Conrad, J. The Secret AgentLink
1907Dawson, A.J. The MessageLink
1907Griffith, G. The world peril of 1910Link
1907Hoppenstedt, J. von Die Schlacht der ZukunftLink
1907Martin, R.E. Berlin-Bagdad; Das deutsche Weltreich im Zeitalter der Luftschiffahrt, 1910-1931 Link
1907Phillips Oppenheim, E. The Great SecretLink
1907Scott, H.The Way of WarLink
1907Vaux , P. & Yexley, L. When The Eagle Flies SeawardLink
1907Wood, W. The Tunnel TerrorLink
1908"201"The Sub-LieutenantLink
1908Anonymous – PunchEssence of ParliamentLink
1908Giffard, P. La Guerre InfernaleLink
1908Kernahan, C. The Red PerilLink
1908Kipling, A. W. The New DominionLink
1908Kirmess, C.H. The Commonwealth CrisisLink
1908Vickers, C. E. The TrenchesLink
1908Wells, H.G. The War in the AirLink
1909Anonymous – PunchThe InvadersLink
1909Bernstorff, H. G. von Deutschlands Flotte im KampfLink
1909Doughty, C.M. The Cliffs and (1912) The CloudsLink
1909du Maurier, G. An Englishman’s HomeLink
1909Gautoff, F.H. Banzai!Link
1909Hawke, N.The Invasion That Did Not Come OffLink
1909Le Queux, W. Spies of the KaiserLink
1909Martin, R.E. Der Weltkrieg in den Lu?ftenLink
1909Milne A.A.The Secret of the Army AeroplaneLink
1909Swinton, E.D. The Green Curve & Other StoriesLink
1909Townroe, B.S.A Nation in ArmsLink
1909Tregellis, J. The Secret of the ThamesLink
1909Williams, L.The Great RaidLink
1909Wodehouse, P. G. The Swoop! or How Clarence Saved EnglandLink
1910Anonymous – PunchStrength at the HelmLink
1910Carter, J.L.J. Peggy the AeronautLink
1910Kipling, A.W. The Shadow of GloryLink
1910Le Queux, W. The Unknown TomorrowLink
1910London, J. The Unparalleled InvasionLink
1910Robinson, H.CartoonsLink
1911Griffith, G. The Lord of LabourLink
1911MuddersnookWhen the New Zealander ComesLink
1911Phillips Oppenheim, E. The Double FourLink
1911Pollock, A. Lord Roastem’s Campaign in North Eastern FranceLink
1912Aminoff, I.T. InvasionenLink
1912Campbell, S.Under the Red EnsignLink
1912Davis, R.H. The Invasion of EnglandLink
1912Gastine, L. Les Torpilleurs de l’airLink
1912Janson, G. A Vision of the FutureLink
1912Lamszus, W. The human slaughter-houseLink
1912Naval OfficerGreat Was the FallLink
1912Sommerfeld, A. Frankreichs Ende im Jahre 19??Link
1912Strang, H. The Air ScoutLink
1913Austin, F. B. Planes!Link
1913Eardley-Wilmot, S.M. The battle of the North Sea in 1914Link
1913Pollock, A. In the Cockpit of Europe.Link
1913SakiWhen William CameLink
1913Shiel, M.P. The DragonLink
1913Strang, H. The Air PatrolLink
1913Wallace, E. Private SelbyLink
1914Conan Doyle, A. Danger! and Other StoriesLink
1914Graves, A.K. The Secrets of the German War OfficeLink
1914Newton W. D.WarLink
1914Palmer, F. The Last ShotLink
1914Wells, H.G. The World Set FreeLink
1915Buchan, J. The Thirty-Nine StepsLink
1915Münch, P. G. Hindenburgs Einmarsch in LondonLink
1916Hancock, H. I. Conquest of the United States (Series)Link
1916Le Queux, W. The Zeppelin DestroyerLink
1917Conan Doyle, A. His Last Bow.Link
1920Le Queux, W. Secrets of the Foreign OfficeLink
1920Le Queux, W. The Terror of the AirLink