Anonymous (1871) Our hero: or, who wrote “The Battle of Dorking”

Anonymous (1871) Our hero: or, who wrote “The Battle of Dorking

…… there was no doubt that the country as a whole enjoyed having its flesh made to creep and one publisher cashed in with Our Hero: Or, Who Wrote ‘The Battle of Dorking’. This attempted some heavy-handed humour at the expense of Chesney’s unnamed narrator ‘Judging from his own narrative,’ the authors commented, ‘he appears to have been of a careful disposition, as he never went to his office without his rifle and mackintosh’, while it was also evident that ‘he was a frequenter Of public-houses’ and constantly had ‘one eye on the provisions and the other on the “pretty” Mrs T.’, the friend’s wife widowed by the battle. The joke is kept up for nearly 50 pages and ends agreeably A German officer, Count Swivelswipes, confronted by the stalwart Sergeant Blower as he attempts to land at Brighton exclaims, in distinctly dubious German, ‘Tausend teifels! Das is nicht go. Blower ist hier!’ and mistakenly hits the Crown Prince, who is coming ashore behind him. ‘His admirably disciplined troops’ immediately fall back and the invasion fails.  [Island Fortress: The Defence of Great Britian 1606-1945 by Norman Longmate (2001)]